Software Development Uncovered

It seems these days that almost every company has its hands in software development in one way or the other. After all, technology is taking over most spaces in our lives and we need this software to better interact with the technologies we have. But what is the history of software development and how far has it come? Software developers have always built software that helped machine to talk among themselves. Perhaps the biggest shift in software development is that we are now building software to interface machines, use and the environments that we live in. Take Augmented reality(AR) for example. We can use AR to interact with the physical world in ways that were unthought of just a few decades ago. This is just one example where software development is moving from interfacing machines to interfacing everything in our world and looking a bit closer reveals many more examples.

Technology And How It Advances Software Development

Software development is one discipline that has benefited a lot from massive technological advances. Developers are now able to write software that is much better in quality and do so faster too. One of the biggest game changers has been Artificial Intelligence(AI). In the past developer wrote AI to do mundane things. Now, they are writing and training AI models that are helping them develop other software. This is helping speed up the process of software development, albeit with a bit of human touch here and there. Developers are even starting to wonder how much this technology will transform software development . Another advancement in the software development world is the collaboration that is being fostered between developers, and the ability to share tools, information and knowledge. It is now easier than ever for one software developer to deploy their set up to the cloud for another developer to use as a boilerplate for their next project. It is also much easier now for software developers to get the help they need should they ever feel stuck. It is because of collaborations like this that software development is moving forward at an accelerating rate.

Predictions For Software Development

It is true that the tech world is moving quite fast and what is relevant today might not be tomorrow. It is therefore quite hard to predict what will happen in software development, but we will try nonetheless. The importance and application of AI and the ability of this AI to model its own software will even beat making software using human hands. AI will keep growing and there has even been news of AI growing its own AI children. Second, we will see the growth of AR and bots that have natural language abilities. we are already seeing this in chatbots but they are not yet at the level we need them to be at. Because of this, we are likely to see a surge in the demands for the skills that are needed to create these types of software. All in all, software developers are living in a golden age where everything is starting to come together. We just hope they do not slow down.