How to Boost PC Performance Fast

Optimizing Windows is the secret of boosting PC performance quickly. If you want a faster PC system, today’s tips will help you to enjoy tangible improvements quickly. Once you learn how to alter your power settings, disable start-up programs and clean out an overloaded hard disk, you’ll be ready to enjoy fast personal computer performance that makes it easy to take care of tasks, play video games and surf the web.

How to Alter Power Settings

If you want a PC power boost that is accessible within mere minutes, be sure to alter your power settings. To begin, hit “start” and then visit the “control panel”. After this, select “hardware and sounds” and then click, “power options”. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll see a window which gives you the capacity to choose a power plan. Use the down arrow to check out all available power plans. Then, select “high performance”. When you do so, your PC will function at the highest speed which is obviously what you want.

How to Disable Start-up Programs

When a PC boots up slowly, it can be annoying and that can happen even when “fast startup” is activated. To fix the problem rapidly, find the Start button and right-click on it. Then, select, “task manager”. Next, hit the tab named, “Start up” and [check out the current programs that begin running during startup. Look for programs that don’t need to be there. When you find one, just right-click and hit, “disable”. If you are not sure of anything however, it’s best not to disable it or you could be permanently damaging your system.

How to Clean Out an Overloaded Hard Disk

Windows has a handy Disk Clean-up feature that makes it so simple to clean out an overloaded hard disk. To use it, find “Disk Clean-up” within the Start Menu. Disk Clean-up is a tool that may be used to delete unimportant information and temporary files. After you locate the Disk Clean-up tool, choose the sorts of files that you wish to delete and then hit, “ok”. You’ll also have the option of cleaning up files in the system which aren’t on the list. Do this by clicking “clean up system files”.

After cleaning up your system files, you should hit the “more options” icon and then utilize the button marked, “clean-up” (find it in System Restore and Shadow Copies) to get rid of “system restore” information. This button will eliminate everything except the newest restore point.

There are so many great reasons to boost PC speed. After you follow these tips, you’ll be ready to enjoy a computer that works quickly and makes it easier for you to visit the online healthcare platform, use social media networks or perform any other personal computer tasks. In fact, you may want to follow these tips regularly to keep your PC in peak condition.

Do You Need Expert PC Assistance?

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